President’s Message

Greetings Kappans! I am very excited about the upcoming year. We just finished our board retreat a few weeks ago. I have been a board member since 2005 and I can’t remember this much energy and new ideas coming from both board members and advisors.

One of those new ideas is to replace our traditional fall dinner meeting with an elegant networking event at the University Club’s Courtyard.  We are inviting all of our past presidents to join us, many of them with great accomplishments in education. Dr. Lisa De Ross (2009-2011) continues to serve LAUSD as an instructional administrator, Dr. Meg Palisoc (2005-2007) was the founder of Synergy Charter Academies, Joe Oliver (2016-2018) is the Director of Instructional Technology at LAUSD and Dr. Nick Nichols (2014-2016) founded Inspire Charter Schools in 2013 which is now one of the largest charter schools in the state. Dan Basalone (2003-2005) was elementary school principal for many years in LAUSD. He has recently help start a Catholic school and the Boise Children’s Museum in his “retirement” in Idaho. We are so grateful that he has remained active in the chapter as a valued advisor.

It is our goal to continue to host great dinner meetings. We are already lining up some amazing speakers for this year. We are committed to providing a wonderful experience for our members and guests at all our events. Please consider signing up for all four events this school year and get a 10% savings. I look forward to seeing all of you October 12th!

Thank you,

Dr. Edward Robillard
PDK-USC Chapter, 2018-19